Build Solar Powered Street Light Systems for Industries and villages

Most of the villages were equipped with pole for electrification with no street lights. Our company has design a centralized street lighting system specially for industries, large campuses and village. This solar based lighting solution provides three-day backup and has significant benefits over conventional solar street lights. The system is built with our experience in roof top installations where all the panels are installed in one location and the electronics and batteries are installed in a control room. A highly efficiency inverter converts solar DC input power to single phase AC output power which is supplied to the street lights (and other lights) just like conventional grid-based AC supply.

Product Details
All the Solar Panels , Batteries & Control Systems are installed at a single location & power distribution done on existing wiring with all features centrally monitored.

Features available 
1) Centrally Auto On/Off & Dimming
2) Bad Weather Monitoring
3) No worry of Shadow on Poles
4) Grid Charging & Switch Over in case of bad weather
5) 1 Km Working Radius
6) Easy Maintenance of Batt. & Panels
7) ~70% cost Easy Installation & Maintenance
8) Input/Output Efficiency > 96%
9) Developed in collaboration with NISE ( National Institute of Solar Energy )
10) IP 67/IP 65 Fixture or retrofit AC LEDs can be used


1. Uses of existing infrastructure of poles and light fixtures

2. Shifting of maximum load to Solarimages generated power.

3. LED lights reduce power consumption by minimum of 50%.

4. Ease in Solar Panel & battery maintenance

5. No worry of shadow effect in an area.

6. Uses of AC mains power only in case of cloudy weather